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ULTRA device is the World's first electrical current optimization without voltage reduction

About ULTRA device

ULTRA is a patented product developed to be safer and more effective in saving electricity. Easy to install without any consequences for the device and without the risk of overheating in the system in which it is fitted. Due to the low volume is an excellent match in free space. In addition to affordable prices, saving energy with multiple return on investment (Investment - ROI).

The concept and purpose of ULTRA devices follows efforts that in connection with the supply carried out by many international companies, but in order to reduce electricity consumption and with regard to solution of economic issues and crises. In addition, this is a unique device that reduces power consumption more than 10% at loads greater than 70%, by reducing the waste of heat energy from resistance without reducing the voltage. ULTRA has proved his quality tests conducted by KTL (Korea Testing Laboratory), ILAC, and stability has been demonstrated certificates CE, Mac, ISO, CSA. ULTRA is a registered product that is used in over 50 countries worldwide. In addition, Ultra recommended due to an excellent price-performance ratio and return on investment, as well as the long period of exploitation (15-20 years).

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